Furniture Recovering

A Brand New Look for Your Furniture

No matter what type of fabric you choose for recovering your furniture, Les Ateliers De Rembourrage Bon-Air has the expertise required to give your favourite pieces of furniture a new lease on life.


Share your desires with us, and we will share our ideas and our professional approach to create a beautiful recovering with impeccable finishing. The possibilities are endless!

Transformation Types

  • To refurbish a part of the furniture (ex: legs)

  • To add new style to a piece of furniture (ex: Victorian)

  • To enlarge or reduce the width of your armchair

  • To raise or lower the backs of chairs and armchairs

  • To turn a 4-seater sofa into a 2-seater

  • To add or remove cushioning

  • To create custom covers

  • Etc.

Upholstering of Antique Furniture

The Old Becomes New Again

Les Ateliers De Rembourrage Bon-Air will restore your antique furniture, creating contemporary pieces or returning them to their original splendour, as you desire. Rest assured that we take meticulous care in all of our work.


Select the recovering of your choice!